• CDS - Group of Companies

    Your one stop multi-temp warehouse and distribution solution to keep your supply chain moving.

  • CDS - Group of Companies

  • CDS - Group of Companies

    Your one stop multi-temp warehouse and distribution solution to keep your supply chain moving.

  • CDS - Group of Companies

    Your one stop multi-temp warehouse and distribution solution to keep your supply chain moving.

Shipment Web Tutorial

System Requirements

Prior to logging into Shipments Web, ensure that you have your system configured as follows:

• Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater required

• JavaScript must be enabled

• 1280 X 1024 resolution recommended

• Turn off all popup blockers in the Internet Explorer browser

• To view your CCI reports, ensure that you have Adobe’s Acrobat Reader installed prior to logging into Shipments Web. If not, download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader®.

Get Adobe Reader

Logging In

After clicking the “Client Sign In” button, you will be presented with the Shipments Web Login page.

Login Screen

From the Login page you can choose the “skin” that you wish to apply while accessing Shipments Web. Making a selection changes the colour schem used. Currently there are three: black, Vista and default

Once you’ve successfuly entered you username and password and click Continue, the Main Shipments web page appears.

Main Shipments Web Page

Once logged in to Shipments Web you will be taken to the Main Shipments Web Page, where you can perform a basic search using any of the fields at the main menu. The most popular search fields (Vendor Code, Transaction Number, Container Number, etc.) are highlighted below:

Main Page

Once you have entered your search criterion (use only one at a time on the main search page), click “Submit” and you will be taken to the results page.

Alternatively, you can leave all fields blank and click the submit button to review all information for all shipments related to your company.

Hint: If a search field has the “binoculars” icon next to it, click on the binoculars for more options to help you select a value for that field.

Shipments Web Results Page

Once you have performed your initial search from the main page, you will be taken to the Results Page, where you can further refine your search.

Web Results Page

The Shipments Web Results Page is broken into several sections

1. The Module Navigation Frame (On the Left)

2. The Top Toolbar


• “Menu” returns you to the Main page where you can enter search criteria.

•“Toggle Fullscreen” maximizes or minimizes the Details frame for the selected shipment record.

3. The Search Toolbar

Search Toolbar

• Here you can further refine your currently available data set by entering a single line of search criteria using the fields provided.

• You can also access the advanced search features from here. Please see the full Shipments Web user guide for more information.

4.Data Records Frame

• This frame displays records that match your search and filter criteria.

• Click on a column heading to sort up or down by the data in that column.

• Click on the left and right arrows to move through the various pages of your search results.

Data Records Frame

5. The Function Toolbar

Fuction Toolbar

• The Function toolbar provides a number of buttons pertaining to specific functions you can perform on your search results.

For example, Invoice displays the custom commercial invoice for the selected shipment transaction record. Detail lines from the Canadian Customs Invoice (CCI) header displays. Reference Number displays all related reference numbers associated to the selected shipment transaction record. Reports to open a new window from which you can choose the report you wish to create and the necessary criteria that the report is to be based on. The customized report can then be generated in a CSV or PDF file format. Billing displays all associated billing invoice(s) for the selected shipment transaction record.

A complete description of all functions is available in the Shipments Web User Guide (available online from within the program).

6. The Details Frame

Details Frame

• Use the “Toggle Fullscreen” button in the Top Toolbar to expand this frame for easier viewing.

• “Details” allows you to view specific information about the shipment.

• “Help” take you to our online Shipments Web user guide.

• “DocView” allows you to view all documents associated with the transaction selected in the Data Records Frame.

6. The Details Frame (DocView)

Document View

The DocView tab lists all associated documentation for the selected shipment transaction.

From the DocView tab, you can either Show the file to view it (see above) or Attach the file to open the Upload Form window (see below).

Upload Form

Find out more - Download the Manual

CDS Freight Tracking

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Document Imaging

CDS E-Track

E-Track is our online tracking system. It allows you to view order, inventory and receiving activity. You reap the benefits of scheduled report applications, enabling you to receive data when you want it in a format that works best for your business. Keep your supply chain in view with E-Track.

Please note that this page is only for informational purposes. If you wish to use CDS Etrack and are a customer please contact us to aquire the address for the live site.

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