• CDS - Group of Companies

    Your one stop multi-temp warehouse and distribution solution to keep your supply chain moving.

  • CDS - Group of Companies

  • CDS - Group of Companies

    Your one stop multi-temp warehouse and distribution solution to keep your supply chain moving.

  • CDS - Group of Companies

    Your one stop multi-temp warehouse and distribution solution to keep your supply chain moving.

Food and Beverage Distribution

The CDS Group of Companies was established in 1995 and since then has created credibility and position in the Canada food and beverage industry.

The CDS Group of Companies is known for its world class Ambient, Refrigerated and Frozen warehouse. This makes the company the one-stop shop for food and beverage distribution for National as well as International Clients. It is your cost effective yet reliable source of constant supply that caters to the Canada food and beverage market.

The CDS Group is now operational in the field of pick and pack fulfillment, customs brokerage, cross docking, transloading, freight and transportation management. Along with all these services, we also supply products to meet the demands of grocery and other merchandise. So, the CDS Group is dealing with food and beverage distribution throughout Canada as well as supplying products to the Canada food and beverage industry. We provide support to companies that are targeting both the Canadian and international markets.

The head office and warehouse of our company has been established centrally in Richmond B.C. and boasts over 300,000 square feet of storage. The strategic placement of our office makes it easier to access via road, airport and sea. We also provide support from our other offices located in The Maritimes, Toronto and Ottawa Ontario, Edmonton and Calgary Alberta, Winnipeg Manitoba, Montreal Quebec, and Regina and Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Our warehouses in all locations are strategically located to keep your supply chain moving so as to easily meet your demand.

CDS will ensure your product is cleared through customs, warehoused if it needs to be, and distributed when it has to move. And if you’re in a bind, our value-added services are at your disposal.


CDS Warehouse Locations

Our network of Multi-Temp warehouse facilities from Vancouver, B.C. to Halifax, NS combined with our complete suite of supply chain solutions provides you with a "one-stop-shop" solution from point of origin to destination.

Vancouver Facility:

18351 McCartney Way Richmond, BC , V6W 0A1

Affiliate warehouses located in :

Calgary, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Regina, Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Toronto, Ontario
Ottawa, Ontario
Montreal, Quebec

Cross Docking

Customers can realize costs savings over individual LTL shipments by sending multiple skids or full trailer load shipments to our strategically located warehouses in Canada where individual orders are sorted and sent directly to customers. We can also receive smaller orders and create larger consolidated shipment to save transportation costs. In addition to truck shipments, we offer the same solution for Ocean and Air shipments and small parcel consolidations. 

Freight carriers in need of consolidation or deconsolidation services can utilize warehouse and freight services provided by the CDS Group. Carriers that miss deadlines and need help making rescheduled appointments within Western Canada can drop their product with us and be rest assured that it will be delivered on time every time, every time. Whether it’s a one-off or a deconsolidation model, we have the footprint and the focus to succeed.

Contact us now and take advantage of our cross docking solutions.  








Value Added Services

If you are in a bind, we'll take care of it. If you need something done at the last minute, we'll take care of it. Our facilities are built to cater to your every need. A few of the value-added services that we perform are:

  • Labeling
  • Re-Labelling
  • Repacking
  • Bar-Coding
  • Flow Wrapping
  • Managing Shifting Loads
  • White-Glove Service


Being a one-stop shop gives us the flexibility needed to respond to any logistical challenge.








Pick & Pack/Fulfilment

If your business model requires that you pick by the piece, pack and distribute directly to your customer, CDS is able to offer a number of carefully tailored solutions to meet your business requirements.

Leading edge technology allows our customers to track and trace inventory activity in real time. 0rders can be entered remotely and shipment tracking links keep our customers informed and in control.

We Offer

  • Order receipt
  • Picking
  • Replenishment
  • Shipping
  • Electronic shipping confirmation
  • Inventory and shipment visibility
  • Assembly/kitting
  • Product labelling
  • Material Insertion
  • Repackaging
  • Returns


System connectivity allows orders to upload directly into the major national and international parcel shipment services.

Contact us now and take advantage of Pick & Pack and our other value-added services.

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