What is meant by customs brokerage and customs clearance in Canada

Customs Brokerage in Canada

Customs brokerage is the process through which brokers in Canada carry out customs-related duties on behalf of a client. They help clients in keeping clear the customs declaration and pay appropriate charges for the shipments. Firms dealing with customs brokerage in Canada generally offer the following services:

  • They secure the release of imported cargo on behalf of the clients
  • They make sure that all duties are paid properly
  • They acquire, prepare and transmit the data needed for the customs
  • They maintain the records in an organized manner.
  • They take care of further concerns if any concern arises after the customs duty has been paid completely.


Firms that deal with customs brokerage in Canada normally charge a fee for their services. But the client is the one who remains liable for all the customs duties to be paid on the shipment.  Selecting a customs brokerage firm allows an individual the advantages of saving costs, saving time and above all, experiencing a hassle-free shipment delivery.

Customs Clearance in Canada

Customs clearance is the process through which a set of essential and required documents are submitted by an importer, an airline, shipping line or freight forwarder to clear the shipment from the customs office. Customs clearance in Canada follows the following procedure:

Canadian Customs Clearance Procedures

Proper Reporting

Every shipment arriving in Canada must be reported to Canada Customs. Normally, the contracted carrier informs the Canada Customs about the shipment at the entry-point. There are two ways of doing this- through electronic medium or by submitting a carrier document called the Cargo Control Document or waybill. The carrier hands over the waybill to the customs broker, who does the further processing of the document.

Release of Goods

The customs broker is authorized by Canada Customs to release the goods on behalf of the client. This is done either through electronic means or by manual method. Several release procedures are normally followed depending on the carrier. Some goods require government permits for their release. The customs broker arranges for such permits.

Inspection of documents

Canada Customs randomly inspects shipments and verifies the paperwork for customs clearance in Canada. Incomplete or insufficient documentation can lead to delay in release of the shipment.

Managing Duties and Taxes

The customs broker approaches Canada Customs with the final accounting package for paying the proper duties and taxes. The customs broker pays the duties and taxes to the Canada Customs on behalf of the client. If any issue arises regarding compliance, the customs broker resolves it by working with the client and the supplier of the shipment.



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