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In this age of globalization, for any company, it is of utmost importantance to have a sound freight network. A good storage, packaging and distribution system, where one can get the product delivered in the most safe and fastest way, is most welcomed. LTL (less than a truck load), is one of the most common methods of transportation in Canada, where the consignments are carried without much hassle.  With LTL freight, shipping is relatively lighter and convenient than other transportation options. With the help of LTL one can easily send shipments weighing between 68 to 9000 kgs.


Less than truckload carriers (LTL) have a very streamlined and meticulous way of operation. The consignments are first collected from their parent organizations with all the necessary details and documents. After the collection is done, the freight from different shippers are put together and loaded in one trailer which is moved to the delivering terminal where the freight is further sorted and consolidated. A normal days work for  freight drivers includes loading up and heading out to make deliveries first and then begin making pickups once the trailer has been emptied for return to the terminal. Apart from this, using LTL is a cost effective and an economical option for day to day freight transportation. It is advantageous to use LTL as the consignments can be transported at a minimalistic cost rather than hiring an entire truck. However, the time taken in LTL is slightly more. LTL transit times are hugely dependent upon the constitution of the network of terminals and also the mode of operations in terms of the given carrier and that carrier's agents and interline partners.


North America Freight via Canadian Distribution Services Ltd. is one of the trusted names in the LTL mode of transportation. North America freight shipping allows one to get all the required facilities in matters pertaining to the LTL mode of transportation. Spread across Canada and the USA, North America freight shipping services of Canadian Distribution Services Ltd is capable of handling all big and small needs related to delivery of items in the most safest and cost effective way. They usually also have deals for regular clients that help in deciding all the other issues related to the transportation of various products. The services available include truckload, LTL and intercity service solutions to move your freight where ever you need. Canadian Distribution Services Ltd. North American freight shipping services are also economical and takes care of all the minute details concerning the freight movement, thus making it one of the big names in the market.




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