Overview of CDS and Custom Clearance

Domestic as well as International Logistics is extremely important for the success of any product based company. The way flawless manufacturing of goods is essential, in the same way one needs to take the distribution with equal sincerity. Canadian Domestic Logistics by Canadian Distribution Services Ltd. is one such name that has made its mark in delivering goods both in domestic and international destinations with utmost diligence and ease. It is the distribution that decides the success of an industry to a large extent and CDS logistics understand it to a great extent and act accordingly to achieve it in more ways than one.

Smooth and seamless functioning of the supply chain is indispensable. Until the finished product reaches the market in a cost effective manner, the success of the company remains unsure. Any good and competent logistic provider makes sure that they take care of all the finer nuances of the distribution service. Starting from warehouse management to transportation and transloading, every aspect should be meticulously planned and executed. In short CDS' goal is to allow you to focus on your core business and leverage the strong operations network and experience that will provide you with an optimized and flexible distribution model.

CDS is a preferred name for multiple reasons. It has taken the UK trade logistics along with the Canadian logistics to new heights with its full proof and hassle free operations. Experts who are capable of handling all kinds of distribution based queries and issues are at your disposal and will help you with any kind of logistic transportation anywhere within the country and outside too. Along with this, the clients are sure to receive the best technologically advanced transportation, tracking and procurement facilities These facilities under one roof makes the whole distribution process much more streamline and cost effective than others in the business. Some of the services are:

• Single and multiple modes of transport
• Full and less than truck load transportation
• Regular barge / block train in selected countries
• Temperature controlled transportation
• Standard operation process, monitoring and control

Apart from transportation, Custom clearance is also an important part of any logistic distribution management. It can be said that without proper custom clearance no consignment can reached the destination. CDS has their in- house custom specialists who understand the rules and regulations in detail and advice and assist clients accordingly. Some services include:

• Product classification
• Customs declaration and clearance
• Bonded transfer and transportation
• Fiscal representation
• Customs status monitoring and report

Thus, we can say that with CDS one can be rest assured of a successful and on time distribution of logistics in a cost effective way.




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