Customs - Import & Export

Customs Clearance

Regardless of your shipment's origin or its time and place of arrival, our customs experts will keep your product moving quickly and seamlessly across borders. Backed by over a hundred years of doing business, you can trust we know the ins and outs of customs clearance.learnmore

Consulting and Compliance

Proper customs and export planning is the first step to successful cross-border trade. We will work closely with you to help make your make your cross-border trade compliant and profitable.learnmore

Non-Resident Importer Program (for U.S. companies importing into Canada)

Make cross-border sales simple. With our Non-Resident Importer Program, U.S. companies have the ability to act locally in the Canadian marketplace without a physical presence. If you're looking at growing your business in the Canadian market, this is where to start.learnmore