Consulting and Compliance

Our team of customs compliance experts can guide you through the complexities of trade regulations and develop a program to assist you in reducing costs, reducing your compliance risk and improving your competitiveness. First, we will consult with you to examine your specific area of industry. Once we have a complete and thorough understanding of your company’s unique needs, we will zero-in on Customs regulations and other government requirements that are essential to your specific product and situation.


Our consulting and compliance services include:


  • Documentation Review
  • NAFTA Review
  • Origin Reviews
  • Compliance Planning
  • In-House/Customized Training
  • Topic Specific Webinars and Seminars

(for further information on training or seminar options, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 604.207.5326)


Having a properly set up and maintained trade program will optimize your cross border activities, lessen the potential for border delays, reduce your risk and improve your success.


Contact us now to get your customs compliance program in place.


Added Service Offering

As a one-stop shop company, we have the expertise to analyse your entire supply chain. Let our team of industry experts review your current procedures and provide solutions to optimize your supply chain.