Customs Clearance

With our extensive experience, CDS Customs Services can ensure the quickest possible clearance of your shipments.

Your designated client service team will evaluate your business needs, understand your products, and handle all of your imports regardless of their port of entry. So whether you’re shipping internationally into Canada or the United States, or simply moving across borders, CDS will take care of all your clearance needs.


Shipments Web

Shipment Web is the access point for CDS Customs Services clients providing live cargo release status in addition to a range of comprehensive details, search functions and reporting capabilities about their shipments.

Trade Forms

If you are looking for cross-border trade forms, search our up-to-date repository of forms for shipping into the USA and shipping into Canada.

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Added Service Offering

Our warehousing solutions set us apart from the competition. If you're looking for a cross-border program that requires more than just clearance, our consultants can tailor a complete solution to fit your company's specific needs.