International Trade Solutions

 The CDS Group of Companies offers domestic logistics services all across Canada. We provide safe, secure and high quality domestic logistic services to a range of Canadian industries as well as individual customers.

To meet the growing demands of domestic as well as international logistics needs, we have innovated a new concept - Canadian UK trade and logistics solutions. Our international trade solutions are designed to ensure that goods and products are transported in a safe and secure way allowing the end customer to receive the products on time and in good shape.

Being one of the leading Canadian domestic logistics service providers, CDS offer customized international as well as domestic trade solutions for businesses, corporate houses, organizations and companies.Equipped with top class logistics and transportation facilities, we deliver the best logistic services to our customers in Canada and in the UK.

Our dedicated Canadian domestic logistics service professionals are well trained to ensure hassle free delivery services. The Canadian domestic logistics services are designed to fit your personal as well as business needs.To meet the logistics needs of our international clients we have developed a concept called Canadian UK trade and logistics. We have designed this innovative concept to help our clients enjoy trouble free office relocations or such complicated needs.

The best part of our Canadian domestic logistics is the convenience of booking our service. With a phone call or with a simple e-mail you can book our services. Explain your needs to our professionals and they will take care of your domestic as well as international logistics needs.

CDS will ensure your product is cleared through customs, warehoused if it needs to be, and distributed when it has to move. And if you're in a bind, our value-added services are at your disposal. CDS will help keep your supply chain moving so you can easily keep up with your products demand.