Cross Docking

Customers can realize costs savings over individual LTL shipments by sending multiple skids or full trailer load shipments to our strategically located warehouses in Canada where individual orders are sorted and sent directly to customers. We can also receive smaller orders and create larger consolidated shipment to save transportation costs. In addition to truck shipments, we offer the same solution for Ocean and Air shipments and small parcel consolidations. 

Freight carriers in need of consolidation or deconsolidation services can utilize warehouse and freight services provided by the CDS Group. Carriers that miss deadlines and need help making rescheduled appointments within Western Canada can drop their product with us and be rest assured that it will be delivered on time every time, every time. Whether it’s a one-off or a deconsolidation model, we have the footprint and the focus to succeed.

Contact us now and take advantage of our cross docking solutions.