We have developed several custom software applications that give you complete visibility, shorter lead times, and exceptional inventory management. At CDS you will order and track your inventory in real-time. We are constantly exploring new avenues in advanced technology to provide you with greater visibility and management of your supply chain.

CDS Warehouse

EDI - (Electronic Data Interchange)

EDI is the industry standard for business-to-business communication.        Read more:
CDS E-Track

E-Track is our online tracking system. It allows you to view order, inventory and receiving activity.        Read more:
Radio Frequency Network

Radio Frequency technology forms the backbone of our operation allowing our business to drive towards a paperless environment.        Read more:
Temperature Monitor

The entire CDS Facility is connected to a custom logging system, which records temperatures within our facilities and logs them to a server for retrieval at anytime.       Read more:

CDS Distribution

CDS E-Trans

E-Trans is our online transportation management system that instantly provides you with visibility of your shipment and provides shipment related reports. With a full range of available information including tracking, invoicing, and data management it offers all the reporting you need. Manage your moves online with E-Trans

CDS Customs Services

PARS Tracker

Track your cross-border release status online in real time.

Release Notification

Receive automatic notification of your release within minutes of release by Canada Customs. You’ll know as soon as we do

Shipments Web

This is the access point for CDS Customs clients providing live cargo release status in addition to a range of comprehensive details, search functions and reporting capabilities about their shipments

Digital Imaging

Get online facsimiles of all your Customs import transactions through our web-enabled Digital Imaging service. Search and sort by various criteria (Invoice Number, Exporter Name, Carrier Name, Order Number, Container Number, etc.).