How to select a Custom Broker

Custom Brokerage is an important aspect of freight management. Whether in Canada or any other north American country, it is vitally important that you select a Customs Broker who can handle your customs business efficiently and accurately. A good Customs Broker is an invaluable partner in many ways. However, it is important to understand how one should go about selecting a custom broker. A custom broker can be hired individually or on behalf of the organization depending on the need. Here are some tips that can answer the all important question “how to select a custom broker?”

Nature of Import / Export

It is important to evaluate the kind of product that is being imported or exported. Depending on the nature of the commodity, a custom broker must be selected. The custom broker must be experienced in dealing with the commodities being exported. For example, freights which has textile, alcohol etc. has strict laws and need experts to handle the brokering processes.  

General Reputation

Always remember that an improper brokerage can create huge issues in importing and exporting of goods. It is important thus to hire people with good reputation and a considerable experience in this field in an around Canada.    

Easily Accessible

The custom broker should be easily accessible through phone, fax and emails. Along with this, he should be well connected to all the freight companies and their offices in the US and Canada. The broker must be communicative with Ltl, and Ftl freight providers seamlessly.

Automated service

Ensure that the custom broker you are hiring has his system automated in every step and doesn't rely much on manual process. Automated service helps in  having a proper documentation process that curtails any chances of misplacing of vital documents and other papers.


Most of the times it is advisable to have a complete agreement done with your custom broker in Canada. Do not hire brokers who refrain from getting into a legal agreement with you. An agreement with the brokerage firm or individually with a custom brokers safeguards the whole process of freight manager. Apart from this, don't hesitate to make any changes in the agreement with your broker as and when needed.  


Understanding with the client

It is utmost important to have an understanding between the client and the custom broker. Without proper understanding it is difficult to and understand the needs of the client and deliver accordingly.

These are some of the points one should take under consideration while hiring a custom broker.