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SCS has forged global logistics partnerships throughout Asia and Western Europe providing our customers with global trading opportunities and a full end to end storage and logistics solution. Our relationship with retailers, distributors and sales brokers offers our customers numerous routes to market

Too many companies have manufactured great products but a great product does not guarantee a great future and understanding how to position your product and how to build a supply chain budget for that first foray into the global arena is key. CDS has had great success at building models enabling  European companies to enter  the Canadian and Asian markets with cost certainty.

Available services:

Freight spend analysis

Raw Material sourcing

Co-pack sourcing

Export budgeting

How to conquer Canada- strategies for success

Global logistics planning

Supply Base restructuring

Cost avoidance strategies

Sustainable business assessments.

Retail roll out

Importance of 3pl and Food and Beverage Distribution

Distribution of food and beverages in and around the world is one of the most dynamic logistical work to be undertaken. There is no scope for any negligence in any respect when it comes to the warehousing and distribution of food items all over the world. This is the precise reason why the supply chain catering to the distribution of food and beverages need to be dealt with lot of care and precision. A third party logistics provide(3pl) enables the whole process of food storage and distribution in the most efficient way. Manufacturing companies hire third party logistics who ensure that the food consignments will reach at the earliest and safely without any damage.

Third party logistics providers typically specialize in integrated operation, warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to customers' needs based on market conditions and the demands and delivery service requirements for their products and materials. Often, these services go beyond logistics and included value-added services related to the production or procurement of goods. Along with this, a good warehouse and 3pl is incomplete without advanced IT backing. From pricing to listing, storing to deliver, every aspect needs to be dealt with utmost precision to avoid any impairment to the food products.

Along with this, a good and advanced tracking system is must for making thing seamless. Proper recording of the transaction should be just a click away. Tracking all the data from the starting point to the end will give both the operators and customers a clear idea of the status of the supply chain on the whole. Few points that are important here are listed below:
• Accept purchase orders, issue invoices, & collect payments with all the details
• Keep accurate track of the inventory
• Deliver existing orders or take new orders at customer should be noted then and there.
• Cellular network enabled to instantly communicate with central database
• Select customer or order by route stop
• Print accurate invoice with customer price

Unlike other items that are distributed globally, managing the supply chain of food and beverages is the most difficult one. That is the reason why, while choosing a warehouse and logistics for any food items, the company ensures the reputation ad the past record of the 3pl thoroughly. Though it is complex but one of the must lucrative business opportunities available. Based on partial quality and partial competence, this distribution system thrives on uncompromising services from all the departments and why not. The stake is people's life at large.


North America freight, LTL freight Canada

In this age of globalization, for any company, it is of utmost importantance to have a sound freight network. A good storage, packaging and distribution system, where one can get the product delivered in the most safe and fastest way, is most welcomed. LTL (less than a truck load), is one of the most common methods of transportation in Canada, where the consignments are carried without much hassle.  With LTL freight, shipping is relatively lighter and convenient than other transportation options. With the help of LTL one can easily send shipments weighing between 68 to 9000 kgs.


Less than truckload carriers (LTL) have a very streamlined and meticulous way of operation. The consignments are first collected from their parent organizations with all the necessary details and documents. After the collection is done, the freight from different shippers are put together and loaded in one trailer which is moved to the delivering terminal where the freight is further sorted and consolidated. A normal days work for  freight drivers includes loading up and heading out to make deliveries first and then begin making pickups once the trailer has been emptied for return to the terminal. Apart from this, using LTL is a cost effective and an economical option for day to day freight transportation. It is advantageous to use LTL as the consignments can be transported at a minimalistic cost rather than hiring an entire truck. However, the time taken in LTL is slightly more. LTL transit times are hugely dependent upon the constitution of the network of terminals and also the mode of operations in terms of the given carrier and that carrier's agents and interline partners.


North America Freight via Canadian Distribution Services Ltd. is one of the trusted names in the LTL mode of transportation. North America freight shipping allows one to get all the required facilities in matters pertaining to the LTL mode of transportation. Spread across Canada and the USA, North America freight shipping services of Canadian Distribution Services Ltd is capable of handling all big and small needs related to delivery of items in the most safest and cost effective way. They usually also have deals for regular clients that help in deciding all the other issues related to the transportation of various products. The services available include truckload, LTL and intercity service solutions to move your freight where ever you need. Canadian Distribution Services Ltd. North American freight shipping services are also economical and takes care of all the minute details concerning the freight movement, thus making it one of the big names in the market.


Overview of CDS and Custom Clearance

Domestic as well as International Logistics is extremely important for the success of any product based company. The way flawless manufacturing of goods is essential, in the same way one needs to take the distribution with equal sincerity. Canadian Domestic Logistics by Canadian Distribution Services Ltd. is one such name that has made its mark in delivering goods both in domestic and international destinations with utmost diligence and ease. It is the distribution that decides the success of an industry to a large extent and CDS logistics understand it to a great extent and act accordingly to achieve it in more ways than one.

Smooth and seamless functioning of the supply chain is indispensable. Until the finished product reaches the market in a cost effective manner, the success of the company remains unsure. Any good and competent logistic provider makes sure that they take care of all the finer nuances of the distribution service. Starting from warehouse management to transportation and transloading, every aspect should be meticulously planned and executed. In short CDS' goal is to allow you to focus on your core business and leverage the strong operations network and experience that will provide you with an optimized and flexible distribution model.

CDS is a preferred name for multiple reasons. It has taken the UK trade logistics along with the Canadian logistics to new heights with its full proof and hassle free operations. Experts who are capable of handling all kinds of distribution based queries and issues are at your disposal and will help you with any kind of logistic transportation anywhere within the country and outside too. Along with this, the clients are sure to receive the best technologically advanced transportation, tracking and procurement facilities These facilities under one roof makes the whole distribution process much more streamline and cost effective than others in the business. Some of the services are:

• Single and multiple modes of transport
• Full and less than truck load transportation
• Regular barge / block train in selected countries
• Temperature controlled transportation
• Standard operation process, monitoring and control

Apart from transportation, Custom clearance is also an important part of any logistic distribution management. It can be said that without proper custom clearance no consignment can reached the destination. CDS has their in- house custom specialists who understand the rules and regulations in detail and advice and assist clients accordingly. Some services include:

• Product classification
• Customs declaration and clearance
• Bonded transfer and transportation
• Fiscal representation
• Customs status monitoring and report

Thus, we can say that with CDS one can be rest assured of a successful and on time distribution of logistics in a cost effective way.


A Peep into Logistics Provider - 3PL Third Party Logistics Provider

In this age for any product based firm having a sound freight network is inevitable. A meticulous storage, packaging and transportation system where the delivery of the product to the clients in the safest and quickest way now has become important. There are two commonly used freight modes by any company: 3pl warehouse and LTL freight.


The third party logistics provider (3PL) is a firm that deals with the freight management of its customers (third party) on different levels. They typically intend to provide integrated services that include warehousing and transportation customizing every bit of it
according to the needs of the clients and the delivery service requirements of the related product. The work scope of a 3PL service provide generally include companies such as courier, freight forwarders and firms that indulges in integrating and offering subcontract logistics and other transportation services. Operating a 3PL is challenging in more ways than one. A perfect warehouse management along with an integrated value added services is
indispensable. Handling the inventories and client expectation uncompromisingly becomes extremely nerve wracking with numerous clients to deal with at a time. In such a scenario, expert sales and operation teams working practically on every component of the network
becomes quintessential.
LTL freight Canada

LTL also known as less than truckload shipping is a relatively lighter and easier one. This kind of freight management generally deals with shipments weighing between 68 and 9,000 kg. In most cases, drivers start the day by loading up and heading out to make deliveries and then make pickups once the trailer has been emptied for return to the terminal. It is advantageous to use an LTL carrier as shipment may be transported for a fraction of the cost of hiring an entire truck and trailer for an exclusive shipment.
North American Freight

North American Freight is one of the most sought after names in freight management in Canada and Northern America. For sure this is one stop place for all the big a small freight related needs. The North American Freight hires the best operators in the market and promises to give the best deals available. The services available include truckload, LTL and Inter-city service solutions to move your freight where you need it, when you need it, with reasonable pricing. With expertise minds in action The North American Freight takes care of
every detail concerning your freight movement in the most efficient manner thus making it one of the big names in the market.