Things to watch for during Freight Shipping

Sending and receiving goods through different logistic services is a common phenomena undertaken by practically all individuals and organizations who deal with imports and exports. Freight shipment involves multiple layers and each step needs to be handled very carefully if you want the delivery to be a hassle free journey. Even though custom brokers take care of all the vital rules and regulation concerning any consignment, but still there are areas where problems do crop up and delay the final purpose that is to make the goods reach fast and safely.

Freight shipping is done through various mode of transport and in every case there is one thing common- no damage to the consignment. But there are instances where the shipment is damaged and the product that was sent becomes useless by all means. It is thus very important that all the necessary steps should be taken to ensure the safety of the consignment. It is also advisable to open and evaluate before signing the “received documents” with the delivery boy.

Improper and insufficient paper can also pose lot of problems in getting you shipment reach the destination. In international freights especially, since documents are verified at all the international borders, a single missing or inappropriate documentation can create problem and the consignment can be stopped then and there.

Changing International trade rule is another issue that leads to many problems. Individuals using freight shipment logistics seldom update themselves with the changing rules and regulations of the international trade. As a result of this, the consignment gets stuck in the shackles of tweaked rules and the delivery is delayed by many day and even months.


Shipping goods without insurance can prove disastrous. By all mean it is essential to make sure that you declare all the required documents and get full insurance coverage for the shipment. There is always a possibility the commodities getting damaged and misplaced during the transport and hence it is should be insured well in advance.


Hiring an incompetent custom broker can land you in massive problems. Since it is custom broker who deals with all procedural aspects of any shipment, he must have adequate knowledge of all the rules and regulations involved.


False goods certificate is another issue is highly unacceptable. The declarations of all documents should is must to avoid any tussle at the time of shipment. One of the most common reasons for freights to get delayed is false documentation.