Why is custom Clearance important?

Goods are exported and imported from one country to another in order to maintain a seamless supply chain. Transportation and shipping of the products happen through various routes like rail, road, air and water to reach their destination. But in order to ensure a complete legal and ethical freight shipment, custom clearance is indispensable. There are agencies in every country who are responsible for ensuring the fact that all the consignment coming and going out of the country are under the legal purview and thus safeguards illegal export/import of goods which is out of the permissible limit of the respective government. Along with this, custom agencies also take care of the taxes, excise duties and other charges that are levied at the time of shipment.


Enforcement of rules and directions to individuals and organizations lie in the hands of the custom agencies. Getting custom clearance is extremely important for the smooth shipment of the freight. It is thus inevitable to have a whole department in the Logistics for the customer clearance to get the job done in a rather professional and hassle free manner. These people try to give all the requisite information to the party and make sure that the shipment meets all the designated rules for the custom clearance. It is equally important to understand the custom clearance rules as there are lot of legal formalities involved in it.


Companies who deal with huge bulk of freight many hire custom agents because of the complications involved. The custom agents inspect the goods and the documents attached and advice the owner accordingly. This helps in clearance of the product well in advance and reduces any chances of getting caught in a custom clearance tangle. A custom clearance agent typically helps you with the following services:


  • Tariff and costing concession
  • Valuation issues
  • Custom Documentation
  • International customs clearance rules and laws
  • Taxes and Duties and many more


The custom rules and regulations are constantly reviewed and validated so that the goods and products reach their destination in optimum time. Logistics who house import /export specialist along with custom agent are at a better position to expedite the process of distribution from start to finish. At the same time custom experts also handle the process of custom documentation which is generally the most crucial aspect of the whole process.  Custom clearance is thus one of the most important aspect of supply chain. Perhaps, this is indispensable as it vouches the legality of the freight shipment on the whole.