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Qualities that a maintenance and warehouse manager should possess

Managing a warehouse is complicated as it involves numerous responsibilities. Warehouse service is the backbone of supply chain management. The sector contributed 75 billion dollars to the GDP of the US alone. Effective management of warehouses will automatically push other sectors, making it an important sector of the economy. Warehouse logistics in an essential component […]

Tips on how a warehouse can reduce energy consumption and save money

Warehouse logistics is an essential part of supply chain management. Warehouses are structures where goods are stored, and allow products to be distributed around the world effectively. Thus, it is imperative that a warehouse manages its space in a productive way and consumes limited energy, in order to generate long term profits. The following are […]

Best strategies for management of warehouse logistics

Whenever we order something from an online store, the option of tracking our ordered product is now available. International product delivery can be a long process as goods travel from one location to another. The entire procedure of distribution can be easily improved by availing the services of shipping companies. Before being delivered to the […]

Traditional vs. Modern Supply Chain Management

A supply chain is a global network that ensures the delivery of products and services domestically as well as internationally. A supply chain ensures product delivery from raw materials to the final customers, by using a definite structure involving an efficient network and productive information channel. The basic supply chain of any product involves raw […]

What does it take to be one of the best logistics companies in 2020?

The increase in the population creates a huge market for goods. Companies that manage transport and storage of these goods are known as logistic companies. The products you buy from a store are undoubtedly manufactured in a plant, from where it is transported and distributed to various shops. But the process is not as easy […]

What is the Future of the Warehousing and Transportation Industries?

The business world is highly competitive and it should be always kept in mind that it doesn’t revolve around a single business. Each business is in a race of satisfying clients better than its competitors and ultimately, aiming for expansion and goodwill. Therefore, outshining competitors by providing better service is extremely important in a globalized […]

10 things you should know about Freight Brokers

Freight brokers are the ones that transport cargo from point A to point B. They work collectively with suppliers and couriers, and are usually a conduit between a company that has the goods, and the company which is ready to move someone’s goods. So, when you are looking for one how do you choose? Do […]

What is the Importance of Warehousing Management?

Warehouses are commercial places where people store their goods and products for safekeeping and mass storage. The various people who use warehouses are manufacturers, importers, and exporters, wholesalers, etc. In today’s world, the importance of efficiency in reception, storage, and shipping of products has become one of the top priorities of business owners. To maximize […]

Freight Brokers: How do you choose the right one?

Freight transport is an essential aspect that keeps the trade industry afloat. It refers to the physical process of moving cargo, merchandise and commodities from one place to another by land, air or water carriers. Transport is crucial as it promotes connections, trade and other exchanges between people and is important for economic growth and […]

What is the Role of Logistics and Freight Forwarding Services?

The concept of logistics can be explained with the help of an example. Suppose there is a manufacturer of leather. He has a large consumer base in different cities. How will he make leather available to customers in other states? Goods can’t move from one place to another on their own. Making goods available to […]