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Operating from our strategic location near three major ports of entry, and a short distance from the US border, CDS Transload Services specializes in handling import and export containers and moving goods through our temperature controlled cross-dock facility in Richmond, British Columbia. Whether you’re looking to import or export, the CDS Transload Services team possesses the resources and industry expertise to keep your Supply Chain moving.

CDS Transload handles a wide variety of commodities including both shelf stable and perishable food and beverages, clothing and electronics. Using internal efficiencies between our Warehousing, Transport, Customs Services and Transload divisions enables your container shipping needs to fit seamlessly into other aspects of your Supply Chain.

Services Offered



We offer complete container loading and destuffing services, including the handling and palletization of product arriving on floor in loaded containers. CDS Transload Services unloads, sorts, stages and reloads product on any container regardless of the commodity. This is particularly useful when you are importing products from overseas, where the way an external supplier loaded and shipped your goods was out of your control. In conjunction with ocean container and import/export services, we move your freight efficiently from any one mode of transportation to another, be it by truck, train or plane. By running a 24/7 operation, we keep your product moving between points, free of congestion or delays, ensuring your end customer gets what they need, when they need it. Regardless of where your product is arriving from or headed to, we can get it picked up, reloaded, and on its way promptly and hassle-free.


Ramp-to-Door Programs

Our ramp-to-door programs allow CDS Transload Services to offer complete container pickup and delivery capabilities. Whether your container goods arrive at an ocean port or a rail yard, our operations team will monitor and arrange for prompt pickup and delivery to the final destination or to our cross-dock facility. Around the clock container monitoring, from the port or rail yard to our secure yard featuring state-of-the-art surveillance, ensures containers travel in and out of the port promptly. This avoids costly demurrage charges and minimizing the time your goods are in transit.


Air & Ocean Specialists

CDS Transload Services are specialists in moving cargo smoothly from one mode of transportation to another. Aided by our proximity to major ocean ports and Vancouver International Airport, our team knows how to keep your Supply Chain moving, eliminating delays as your goods move between different modes of transportation. Regardless of how your cargo arrives and departs, our ability to facilitate switches between rail, road, ocean and air services keeps your freight in constant motion. You benefit with reduced transit times, ensuring the end user receives their products on schedule.


Food & Beverage

Specializing in the food and beverage industry, CDS rail transloading Services handles inbound and outbound shipments of commodities such as fish, meat, dairy and produce, for a wide range of clients. When dealing with products intended for human consumption, safe handling is paramount. Because we work under industry regulations, and in close contact with government bodies, you know your food and beverage products will always be protected and handled with care. To maintain cold chain and quality assurance throughout the supply chain, we integrate our Transload Services team with both our cold storage Warehousing Division and our temperature-controlled Transport Division.


Clothing & Textiles

We use a white-glove approach to clothing and textile shipments, ensuring quality handling of your shipments, and preventing damages to material along the way. Regardless of how your clothing or textile shipment arrives at our facility, our team accurately and efficiently unloads, sorts, and stages for furtherance as per your requirements. As many textile and clothing shipments originate from overseas, quality and accuracy of inbound orders can vary depending on the manufacturer. Our team audits and inspects inbound shipments and accurately reports any damage and discrepancies before you assume liability for those shipments.



When handing high value electronics, security is vital. As a 24/7 operation with around the clock monitoring and surveillance, CDS Transload Services provides you with peace of mind knowing your shipments are safe. Our state-of-the-art transload facility features a controlled yard and high-definition security cameras. This, coupled with our attention to detail and accuracy, allows us to audit all inbound and outbound shipments, preventing the loss of valuable products as they move through your Supply Chain.


General Merchandise

With a large client base in a variety of industries, CDS Transload Services has a proven track record in handling shipments of virtually any type. Whether you’re looking for services for a single product, or a product line of varying commodities, we have the flexibility and know-how to provide customized Transload solutions, incorporating any specific needs you may have.

Value-Added Services


Liaison with Government Agencies

Working with governmental bodies such as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Canada Border Services Agency, the CDS Transload team ensures strict adherence to import and export regulations. You avoid costly violations that not only impact the bottom line but can affect your standing with these governmental bodies.


By implementing technological tools, our transload specialists monitor all containers around the clock by integrating our system with those at the port of arrival. This integration generates alerts for container availability and free time allowances, preventing containers from entering storage or demurrage, and avoiding the associated charges. As a CDS Transload Services’ client, you have access to these, ensuring you receive timely and up-to-date notifications.