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CDS Customs Services Division provides full-service customs brokerage expertise, with 24/7 customs clearance capabilities at any port of entry in Canada or the United States. This service allows our team to speed up deliveries and control outcomes while reducing costs to your existing Supply Chain model. Besides standard clearance services, we offer an array of value-added services designed to assist with your imports and exports by finding efficiencies within your business, further increasing your business performance.

Services Offered


Customs Clearance

Timely movement of your goods across borders is essential to maintaining an effective Supply Chain. Through proactive monitoring and expedited clearances, CDS Customs Services ensures your shipments clear customs without delay regardless of when, where and how they arrive. With the latest in technology, we electronically process your goods through Customs, and are a crucial component for any cross-border shipping business. Our customs team works directly with carriers, forwarders and steamship lines to coordinate clearance of your shipments, avoiding delays and minimizing additional costs. We keep your best interest in mind when reacting to any situation that may arise throughout the clearance process.


Non-Resident Importer Program

Our NRI program increases the competitive advantage of US Exporters in the Canadian marketplace. It allows US and Global exporters to include all shipping, customs clearance fees, duties and taxes in the selling price. You can sell to Canada on a delivered price basis, rendering the order process more transparent and stable for the Canadian customer. This program removes the Canadian customer from the export process, allowing for goods to be purchased as easily from a US NRI as they would be from a Canadian company. This establishes a competitive playing field with improved pricing, shipment control, and customer service.


Trade Consulting Services

More than a standard customs broker, CDS Customs Services also serves as a valuable international trade consultant. We provide timely information, analysis and recommendations that will support compliance, based on your individual import profile. By working with you to implement the best practices, we help you improve your bottom line. These services include but are not limited to product classification, national rulings, review of import/export transactions, import trade compliance and analysis, duty drawbacks and refunds. These value-added services allow you to identify potential cost savings, thus bolstering your business’ bottom line.


Trade Advisory Services

With an in-depth understanding of free trade agreements, requirements and customs compliance, including NAFTA, CUSMA (USMCA), CETA and CPTPP, CDS Customs Services serves as a trusted advisor to clients. Our team helps you achieve up-to-date regulatory compliance for specific imports and Supply Chain advantages. Services include:

  • General regulatory Supply Chain assistance,
  • Vendor compliance support,
  • Product compliance,
  • Trade practice assessment,
  • Export and import advisory,
  • Up-to-date support on new Customs Initiatives such as Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, Single Window Initiative, CARM and CUSMA, and
  • Full regulatory and Supply Chain analysis.

These advisory services provide full support and analysis of both current and future import and sourcing plans, while educating vendors and reducing risk along the way.


Pre & Post Entry Services

Clearing goods through Customs is only one part of the import process. We review the requirements of your products pre-import and review the entry for process improvements post entry. This constant analysis of imports not only improves service and processes but also provides you with support for transactional compliance.

Value-Added Services


Regulatory Updates

Sign up for regulatory and trade updates as an added benefit to working with our team. These updates ensure your business can forecast and adjust accordingly to remain trade aware, long before any regulatory changes come into effect.


The CDS Customs Services uses the PARS Tracker (Pre-Arrival Review System), an initiative developed by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) that allows them to process the release information before the physical arrival of goods at the border. Our online PARS tracker provides real time release updates and crossing status for any shipment cleared by CDS Customs Services. This allows carriers and clients to monitor the status of clearances ongoing, with an electronic release notification sent directly to you once CBSA  releases their shipment.