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CDS Supply Chain Solutions Division specializes in the design and management of Domestic and International Supply Chain networks. We build the framework for B2B and B2C operations, allowing you to drive your business forward by focusing on the marketing and sales of your goods. We can construct customized storage and freight networks for you, allowing cost certainty and a quicker route to market. We eliminate the discovery phase and help increase your global exposure by offering a single point of contact for all your Supply Chain needs. One link for unlimited operations. The ultimate in efficiency.

Services Offered


Domestic & International Warehousing Solutions

A global network of multi-temp storage facilities, interconnected via EDI, allows you to manage your Supply Chain activity through a single data pipeline: one contact, one system, one contract. CDS Supply Chain solutions has done the research and analysis required to identify the best partners by region so you don’t have to. Our network offers the certifications and operating standards required in today’s Supply Chains. Long-term partnerships and volume allow us negotiate rates not typically available. Has an interested retailer ever approached you requiring pricing which included service to multiple RDC’s? CDS Supply Chain Solutions can supply a pricing and service model that puts you in control.


Domestic & International Freight Solutions

By taking advantage of established consolidation networks, you can drive cost savings through a proven top tier multimodal freight solution. We can automate your freight management requirements and provide critical business intelligence to help you stay on track. B2B and B2C programs are just a call away. A hybridized solution of asset and brokered services, covering truckload to parcel shipments, enables a single source solution for you, our client partners.


Supply Chain Optimization

Evaluating the cost effectiveness and quality of your Supply Chain has never been easier.  CDS Supply Chain Solutions can audit and model your current and future needs. Our experience in cost avoidance, network planning and growth strategy, lets us add a new dimension to your Supply Chain management tool kit. As retailer and consumer habits change, so should your Supply Chain. We can independently evaluate your cost base and model the pathways that lie ahead.


Cost Avoidance Consulting

Identifying and stripping out the unnecessary costs incurred as part of your Supply Chain drives continuous improvement and can contribute to your bottom line. CDS Supply Chain Solutions can help identify the opportunities and restructure your Supply Chain to reduce costs. Staff experienced in Supply Chain and Supply Base restructuring consulting will work with your Supply Chain and Finance departments to achieve fiscal savings.


Networking Solutions

The CDS Supply Chain Solutions team employs staff with a diverse range of backgrounds including retail buyers, cost avoidance consultants, product developers, and ocean forwarders. Hence our knowledge of the food and beverage sector is second to none. Understanding trends both in the consumer and retailer landscapes, and the bonds we have with retailers, distributors and brokers, adds immense value to your business. We can provide producers, importers, and exporters with key networking opportunities in North America, Europe, and Asia. From concept to delivery, we can help you build the bonds which lead to your success.


Compliance Solutions

Importing or Exporting comes with a new set of considerations. Labelling, regulatory compliance services, repacking, shipper display production, and quality assurance services are some options that we offer across our network. Want to export to Asia? We can walk you through the process and set reasonable expectations.


Start Up Mentoring

CDS Supply Chain Solutions has partnered with many Canadian food and beverage start-ups, many of which are now publicly traded. We are by your side from day one, building both short-term and long-term Supply Chain solutions that complement your business plan.


CDS Supply Chain Solutions provides a fully integrated EDI backbone for your freight and warehousing activity. Allow the experts in EDI networking to build a streamlined Supply Chain model that has no borders or boundaries. EDI helps complete the Supply Chain jigsaw puzzle – one link for unlimited and efficient operations.